evhttp_request(3)          Library Functions Manual          evhttp_request(3)

       evhttp_request -

       the request structure that a server receives.

       #include <http_struct.h>

   Data Fields
       size_t body_size
       void(* cb )(struct evhttp_request *, void *)
       void * cb_arg
       void(* chunk_cb )(struct evhttp_request *, void *)
       unsigned chunked:1
       struct evhttp_connection * evcon
       int flags
       size_t headers_size
       char * host_cache
       struct evbuffer * input_buffer
       struct evkeyvalq * input_headers
       enum evhttp_request_kind kind
       char major
       char minor
       struct {
          struct evhttp_request * tqe_next
          struct evhttp_request ** tqe_prev
       } next
       ev_int64_t ntoread
       struct evbuffer * output_buffer
       struct evkeyvalq * output_headers
       char * remote_host
       ev_uint16_t remote_port
       int response_code
       char * response_code_line
       enum evhttp_cmd_type type
       char * uri
       struct evhttp_uri * uri_elems
       unsigned userdone:1

Detailed Description
       the request structure that a server receives.

       WARNING: expect this structure to change. I will try to provide
       reasonable accessors.

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