cce − Console Chinese Environment


The program is a Console Chinese Environment like WZCE, yact
& chdrv.  Use Ctrl+Space to change Chinese/English input
state, Ctrl+Alt+0‐9 to change input method. Ctrl+Alt+9 is
the internal code input method.  Ctrl+Alt+0 is the PinYin
input method. By default, CCE loads QuanPin as input method1
and WuBi as input method 2. You can make your own input
method by using the utility cin2tab(installed to
/usr/lib/cce) & tab2cin.  cin2tab converts source
format(*.cin) input method to its binary format(*.tab*) and
tab2cin does the reverse job.

     In order to use the mouse cut and paste funtion, you
need to set your mouse type in configuration file cce.cfg.
Microsoft(serial mouse) or PS2(default).


     Specify the program to execute after CCE starts, the
default one is shell.

     For example:

     cce ‐e vi

CCE’s configuration file is /usr/lib/cce/cce.cfg.  You can
change lots of options in that file.

 Ctrl+Space              Toggle Chinese/English
 Ctrl+Alt+0              PinYin Input Method
 Ctrl+Alt+9              Internal Code Input Method
 Ctrl+Alt+1              QuanPin Input Method
 Ctrl+Alt+2              WuBi Input Method
 Ctrl+Alt+3‐Ctrl+Alt+8   Other Input Methods

yact:  Nicholas Pearl <>

     bcs16: Server <>

     chdrv: Youzhong Wang <>


     kon: Takashi MANABE (

     pyinput: ZhenChun Li (

     cce:  Rui He <>

Bug reports and comments/suggestions should be sent to

This software is provided "as is" without warranty of any
kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not
limited to, the implied warranty of fitness for a particular
purpose.  The authors disclaim all warranties with regard to
this program.