cdplay(1)                   General Commands Manual                  cdplay(1)

       cdplay - play CD's with nice interface on console

       cdplay [ -d device ] [ -h ]

       cdplay plays audio cd's with a confortable console user interface.
       Supports only SCSI CD-ROM drives.

       -d device
              Uses device instead of /dev/rcd0a which it uses by default
              (unless defined otherwise while compiling).

       -h     Display a brief help message.

       Note that all these are case sensitive!

       ´p´    Play. Start playing cd. If cd is on pause continues.

       ´s´    Stop. Stops cd and sets current track to 1.

       Space  Pause. If cd is already on pause continues.

       ´P´    Pause (or unpause) abruptly.

       ´e´    Eject. Spits the disc out of your drive.

       ´r´    Rewind. Move backwards in a track.

       ´f´    Fast forward. Move forward is a track.

       ´R´    Skip back. Skip to previous track.

       ´F´    Ship forward. Skip to next track.

       [num]  Skip to track [num]. NOTE! works only for tracks from 1 to 10.

       ´q´    Quit. Exit the program.

       Currently tested ONLY with FreeBSD and NetBSD. Written for FreeBSD and
       some features may not work with NetBSD, OpenBSD or BSDi. Don't think
       it'll work with linux or some SYSV Unix's.

       Yes, I know that it doesn't work with your old SCSI drive.

       Copyright (C) 1997 Antti Kaipila <>
       All rights reserved. For more information, refer to the file COPYRIGHT
       enclosed with the sources.

       Internet references:

                                  8 Nov 1997                         cdplay(1)