CHDRV(1)                    General Commands Manual                   CHDRV(1)

       chdrv - A Chinese console with input capability

       chdrv [-k]

       Chdrv is a program to let you view Chinese (both Big5 and GB code) on a
       Linux virtual console. Just type 'chdrv' to launch it.  It will find a
       free console for error logging and another free one for the actual
       chdrv session. Please edit /etc/chdrv/chinese.conf to enable GB or

       During a chdrv session, you can use the following function keys to
       perform various operations:

       F1     Switch to different Chinese virtual console

       F9 or CTRL-SPACE
              Switch between English/Number input mode and Chinese input mode

       F10 or CTRL-ALT-[1-9]
              Select a Chinese input method

       F11    Switch between Normal and EUC code

       F12 or SHIFT-SPACE
              Switch between Full-width and half-width characters

              Macros, as defined in chdrv.mac

       If -k is supplied, it will kill a running chdrv session if one exists,
       otherwise it will launch a new session.

Environment variables
       CHFONT The configuration file that specifies the fonts you will use.
              For users who want to use GB fonts, you should first set CHFONT
              to /etc/chdrv/gbfont.

              Which console for logging error messages, such as /dev/tty8.

              The location of the macro data file.

              One of the main configuration files. The usage of this file
              should be self-explanatory.

       /etc/chdrv/kcfont and /etc/chdrv/gbfont
              Files specifying fonts for Big5 and GB.

              Input method designation table.

              Macros data file, format is the same as ETen.

              Termcap file for chdrv.

              The PID of the running chdrv session.

       For more complete information, please refer to the documentation files
       under /usr/doc, particularly the file MANUAL.DOC.

       The original author is Yu-Chung Wang <>.  This manual
       page was written by Anthony Wong <>, for the Debian
       GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).