Cherokee_logrotate(1)       General Commands Manual      Cherokee_logrotate(1)

       cherokee_logrotate - Cherokee on-the-fly log rotation tool


       cherokee_logrotate is a log rotation tool.  It sets the logging
       subsystem on "back up mode" through the administration interface, then
       it moves the log file renaming it to the next available filaname (it
       concatenates a dot and a number), and finally it restores the server
       state to the original one.   It allows to rotate the server logs in a
       safe way, at the same time the server keeps working.  All the
       connection log entries during the back up mode is actived will be hold
       on memory, and when it restores the default state all of them will be
       written on the new file.

       cherokee_logrotate https://root:password@localhost/admin/

   Bug reports
       I would appreciate hearing of any problems you have with Cherokee.  I
       would also like to hear from you if you have successfully used
       Cherokee, especially if you are using it for a distribution.

       There is a mailing list for discussion among Cherokee users and for
       announcements of new and test versions. To join, send a message to with the line:

       subscribe cherokee

       in the body of the message. The submission address is

       Alvaro Lopez Ortega <>.

                               Dicember 20, 2001         Cherokee_logrotate(1)