CLOCK(1)                     General Commands Manual                    CLOCK(1)

       clock - display the time in an icon or window


       This command is available with the OpenWindows environment.  For
       information about installing OpenWindows, refer to the OpenWindows
       Installation and Start-Up Guide.

       clock is an OpenWindows XView utility that displays the current time in a
       window or icon. When the window is open, clock can display the time in
       either analog or digital format.  The clock window is scalable in either

       When the clock window is open, it has a floating menu from which you can
       bring up a property window.  From this property sheet, you can modify the
       display of the tool by selecting either the Analog or Digital choice box.
                     On the analog version, this selection starts a second hand
                     on the face of the clock. On the digital version, it adds
                     two digits to the digital readout.
                     Turns on a date display for both analog and digital
                     versions of clock.

       If you reset the system time, clock will not reflect the new time until
       you change its window state from open to icon, or vice versa.  To reset
       the system time, see date (1V).

       The date display does not go well with the round clock face.

       Occasionally, when clock is uncovered, the face will be visually
       corrupted. Use the Refresh button from the frame menu to repair.

                                  11 June 1990                          CLOCK(1)