CORDUROY(1fe)               Finite Element Package               CORDUROY(1fe)

       corduroy - element mesh generator

       corduroy [-help] [-debug] [-nocpp] [-cpp filename] [-Dname[=value]]
       [-Uname] [-Idirectory] [filename]

       Corduroy is an element mesh generator with a flexible input file syntax
       (see corduroy(4fe)) that writes a felt(4fe) file to standard output.
       If no filename is given then the standard input is used.  Any syntactic
       or semantic errors are reported to standard error.  A complete
       description of the mathematics can be found in the user's guide.

       Corduroy accepts the following options:

            Write a message describing valid command line options to standard
            error and exit.

            Write the processed file to standard error in the form of a valid
            input file.

            Do not use a preprocessor on the input file.

       -cpp filename
            Use filename as a preprocessor on the input file.  The default
            preprocessor is "/lib/cpp".  Any preprocssor which understands the
            -D, -U, and -I options can be used as these options are passed to
            the preprocessor.

       Corduroy was developed by Jason I. Gobat ( and Darren C.
       Atkinson (

       felt(1fe), velvet(1fe), corduroy(4fe), felt(4fe), burlap(1fe).

Version 2.1                         2/25/94                      CORDUROY(1fe)