crossfire(0.93.1)                                            crossfire(0.93.1)

       CrossFire - multiplayer adventure and arcade game for X-windows

       crossfire [-<options>][-display display]...

       CrossFire is a multiplayer graphical arcade and adventure game made for
       the X-Window environment.  It has certain flavours from other games,
       especially Gauntlet (TM) and Nethack/Moria.  Any number of players can
       move around in their own window, picking up / using items and battle
       monsters.  The players all do battle in the same world, and can
       communicate with each other (even fight with each other).  The goal of
       the game is to survive and to have FUN.

       -arch <filename>
              Sets the archetypes file name.  The library directory is
              prepended to this name.  See FILES below for more information.

       -b     Use black & white colors even if you have a color display.  Note
              that if you are using XPM mode, I believe you will still get
              color images even with this flag.

       -chrfont <fontname>
              use fontname instead of the normal crossfire font.  This is a
              compile time option and may not be available in your version.

       -csport <port number>
              Specifies the port that should be used for the new client/server
              code.  This is a compile time option

       -d, +d -d causes it to print out some debugging messages.  +d disables
              debugging messgaes.  See -mon below for even more debugging

              This will cause crossfire to detach from the tty.  It is only an
              option if SERVER code was compiled in.

       -display <display>
              Open a window on the specified display.  Multiple display
              options can be given to open on numerous displays.  This option
              can also be of use if -l is given.

       -f     Crossfire will only flush, and not attempt to synchronize all
              windows.  This means that the game will crash if someone kills
              their window, but the game will not lock if someone freezes
              their window.  This option is recommended if the game seems to
              be slow due to many participating players.

       -fontdir <directory>
              Sets the font directory location.  See FILES section below for
              more details.

       -h     Prints out usage of flags.

       -l     Removes the local player (whatever the DISPLAY environment
              variable is set to) from the list of players

       -lib <directory>
              Sets the library directory location.  See FILES section below
              for more details.

              Specifies the port the server should listen to.

       -log <file>
              Specifies a file to send output to.  Only has meaning if
              -detatch is specified.

       -m -m2 -m3 -m4 -m5 -m6 -m7 -m8
               -m dumps out monster statistics.
               -m2 dumps out abilities.
               -m3 dumps out artifact information
               -m4 dumps out spell information.
               -m5 dumps out skill information.
               -m6 dumps out race information.
               -m7 dumps out alchemy information.
               -m8 dumps out more alchemy information.

              Note that only one of these can be given, as crossfire exits
              after it dumps out the information.  These flags are typically
              used by the spoiler and other scripts to always get up to date
              values - as such, not all of them are in the most human
              parseable form.

       -maps <directory>
              Sets the maps directory name.  The library path is prepended to
              this name.  See FILES section below for more details.

       -mon   Turns on monster-debugging.  This means that all messages that
              the game gives to the monsters is written to standard error.

       -o     Prints out info on what was defined at compile time.

       -p     Crossfire won't try to fix the fontpath if it can't find the
              fonts it needs.

       -pix   Crossfire will use only pixmaps instead of fonts.  Note that if
              this switch is not given, and crossfire fails to set the font,
              it will try using pixmaps anyway.

       -playerdir <directory>
              Sets the player directory name.  The library path is prepended
              to this name.  See FILES section below for more details.

       -s     Displays the highscore list.

       -score <name or class>
              Displays all highscores with a matching name or class.

              Puts crossfire into server mode.  This means that the program
              will not try to open up a window on a display, but instead wait
              for connections.

       -split Makes splitwindow default (see the resource for information).
              This used to be the -w option

       -tmpdir <directory>
              Specifies a directory to use for temporary storage (mostly
              swapped out maps.)  See FILES below for more information.

       -treasures <filename>
              Sets the treasures file name.  The library directory is
              prepended to this name.  See FILES below for more information.

       -uniquedir <directory>
              Sets the unique item directory name.  The library directory is
              prepended to this name.  See FILES below for more information.

       -v     Prints out version, authors and contributors.

       -xpm   Uses X Pixmaps (XPM) files instead of fonts or bitmap files.
              They look nicer, but the game will take longer to start up, and
              may be slower.  This is also a compile time option.

       name   Specifies which name your character will start with in
              Crossfire.  You have to choose a name, either this way or with
              the "name" command, if you want to enter the highscore list.

              You can turn this mode on or off with the strings "on"/"off".
              Default is on.  If the mode is turned on, you will push other
              players instead of attacking them when you run into them.  The
              mode can also be toggled inside the game with the "'peaceful"

              If this mode is on, the player won't stop in front of a monster
              if you hit CTRL + direction.  Instead s/he will continue
              fighting the monsters until a wall is met.  Default is ON.

       wimpy  The argument to this resource sets your wimpy percentage.  When
              your hit-points get below this percentage, you flee in panic
              from your enemies.  Default is 25%.

       scroll Default is off.  If scroll is turned on, the text window will
              scroll instead of wrapping.  The mode can also be toggled inside
              the game with the "'scroll" command.  Please note that the
              scroll-option is buggy.

              Default is off (unless switch -split is given).  If this is
              turned on, all windows will be under the control of the window
              manager.  That is, they can be placed in any order, and some can
              be resized.

       pixmap Default is off (unless switch -pix is given).  If this is turned
              on, crossfire will not try to set your fontpath, but instead use
              pixmaps.  Note that crossfire will try pixmaps if it fails to
              set the fontpath.

       When you have rolled your stats and chosen a profession, you can type
       `?' at any time to get information about the different keys.

       The apply command (bound to key `a') is used for several things, like
       wearing, removing, wielding, unwielding, drinking, eating, etc.  If you
       hold down Shift while pressing `A', you will apply the object below
       you.  This is the only way to enter a house.

       In addition to the direct commands which are bound to different keys,
       you can also type more complex commands by pressing the '-key first.
       To get more information about these, try typing "'help".

       Your goal is to gain experience, find treasure, explore and have fun.
       You do this by figuring out puzzles in maps, killing monsters and
       destroying generators.  You loose by dying.

       There are two ways of dying, one is to loose all hit-points (usually
       fighting monsters), the other is to starve to death.  Remember to eat
       when hungry.

       You can do several things by using only the mouse.  In the inventory-
       window, you can examine, apply and drop things by clicking the
       different mouse-buttons.  In the look-window you can do mostly the
       same, except you pick up items instead of dropping them when you click
       the right mouse button.  In both windows you can move the scrollbar in
       different ways by clicking the different mouse-button on it (but only
       if there are more items than can be displayed in the window).  In the
       graphical window, you can click at places with the left button to find
       out what is there, or with the right button to move in that general

       This is a list of some of the files used by crossfire.  Many of these
       can be altered using the -lib, -fontdir, -playerdir, -maps, -arch,
       -treasures, and -uniquedir options, or using environmental variables.
       These values have defaults that are compiled on, and can only be
       changed at runtime if the game was not compiled with SECURE defined.

       In the case where both an environmental and command line option is
       given for the same file, the command line option is used.

              This is where the crossfire font is stored.  It can be changed
              with the environmtal variable CROSSFIRE_FONTDIR or with
              -fontdir.  If an incorrect path is given, crossfire will use
              pixmaps instead.

       LIBDIR This is typically the key directory, and is where most of the
              files reside.  Its default value is determined at compile time.
              The environmental variable CROSSFIRE_LIBDIR and -lib can be used
              to change this value.

       TMPDIR This directory is used to store temporary maps that are swapped
              out of memory.  It can be changed with CROSSFIRE_TMPDIR
              environmental variable or the -tmpdir option.

              Global objects which can be inherited are stored here.  The
              environmental variable CROSSFIRE_ARCHETYPES and -arch can be
              used to change this name.  Note that LIBDIR is always prepended
              to the given name.

              Rules and abilities for turning normal item into special
              artifact items.  At present time, there is no way to change this
              at runtime.

              File for banning certain sites.  It can not be changed at
              present time.

              If the game is closed due to working hours, information is in
              this file.  IT can not be changed at present time.

              Files and subdirectories containing the map files.  The
              environmental variable CROSSFIRE_MAPDIR and -maps can be used to
              change this.  LIBDIR is always prepended to the value given.

              Message of the day, is written to players when theey start the
              game.  A different file can not presently be specified at

              This is a directory where the save files are stored (unless
              compiled with SAVE_HOMEDIR).  It can be changed with the
              environmental variable CROSSFIRE_PLAYERDIR or the -playerdir
              option.  LIBDIR is always prepended.

              Linked lists of random treasure (& abilities!) which can be
              given to different monsters are kept here.  The environmental
              variable CROSSFIRE_TREASURES and -treasures option can be used
              to override this value.  LIBDIR is always prepended.


              This directory is used for unique item code (compile time
              option.)  It can be changed with the environmental variable
              CROSSFIRE_ITEMSDIR or -uniquedir.  LIBDIR is always prepended.

       There are two mailing-lists dedicated to the developement and bug-
       testing of crossfire.  The first is for discussing bugs and features,
       the second is for announcing new versions.

       If you want to join or leave any of the lists, send mail to crossfire- with the subject "subscribe",
       "unsubscribe","subscribe announce" or "unsubscribe announce".  If you
       use the subject "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" you will (un)subscribe to
       *both* lists.  To send messages directly to the list, mail  An archive of old messages can be found at the
       ftp-sites (see below).  in the file crossfire.mail.Z

       The official ftp-sites where you can look for the latest versions are:

  /pub/crossfire (

       Please use the one nearest to you.  ".no",".uk" and ".se" from Europe,
       ".au" from Australia and ".com" from USA.  If anyone sets up other
       sites, please notify me.

       If the game looks very chaotic, it is probably because you are using a
       font belonging to a previous version instead of the one supplied with
       this version.

       Please let me know about any bugs you find in the game.  I know there
       are plenty of them, and some are mentioned on the TODO file which is
       supplied with the game.

       Copyright (C) 1994,1996,1997 Mark Wedel (

       Copyright (C) 1992 Frank Tore Johansen (

       Authors and contributors to this program (source):

     (Mark Wedel)
     (Frank Tore Johansen)
     (Kjetil Torgrim Homme)
     (Tyler Van Gorder)
     (Tony Elmroth)
     (Dougal Scott)
     (Geoff Bailey)
     (Kjetil Wiekhorst Jørgensen)
     (Cameron Blackwood)
     (Joseph L. Traub)
     (Rupert G. Goldie)
     (Eric A. Anderson)
              eneq@Prag.DoCS.UU.SE (Rickard Eneqvist)
     (Jarkko Sonninen)
              kholland@sunlab.cit.cornell.du (Karl Holland)
     (Mikael Lundgren)
     (Mikael Olsson)
     (Tero Haatanen)
     (Lasse Ylitalo)
     (Niilo Neuvo)
     (Markku J{rvinen)
     (Sylvain Meunier)
     (Jason Fosback)
     (Carl Edman)
     (Charles Henrich)
     (Gregor Schmid)
     (Raphael Quinet)
     (Jari Vanhala)
     (Tero Kivinen)
     (Peter Mardahl)
     (Matthew Zeher)
     (Scott R. Turner)
     (Scott MacFiggen)
     (Tero Jyri Michael Pelander)
     (Rachel Yotter)
     (Ben Fennema)
     (Nick Williams)
              Wacren@Gin.ObsPM.Fr (Laurent Wacrenier)

                                January 5, 1997              crossfire(0.93.1)