cupsd − common unix printing system daemon

cupsd [ −c config‐file ] [ −f ] [ −F ]

cupsd is the scheduler for the Common UNIX Printing System.
It implements a printing system based upon the Internet
Printing Protocol, version 1.1.  If no options are specified
on the command‐line then the default configuration file
(usually /etc/cups/cupsd.conf) will be used.

     The ‐f option forces cupsd to run in the foreground;
the default is to run in the background as a "daemon".

     The ‐F option forces cupsd to run in the foreground but
detaches the process from the controlling terminal and
current directory. This is useful for running cupsd from

cupsd implements all of the required IPP/1.1 attributes and
operations. It also implements several CUPS‐specific
administration operations.

backend(1), classes.conf(5), cupsd.conf(5), filter(1),
mime.convs(5), mime.types(5), printers.conf(5), CUPS
Implementation of IPP, CUPS Interface Design Description,
CUPS Software Administrators Manual,

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