DDUP(1)                    BSD General Commands Manual                   DDUP(1)

     ddup — Update a host with the DynDNS service

     ddup --host host.domain.ext [--ip address] [--wildcard] [--mx mxhost]
          [--proxyserv server] [--proxyport port] [--static] [--help] [--debug]
     ddup --makeconf

     DDUP is a program that is used to update a host provided by the Free DynDNS
     service of DynDNS.org

     The options are as follows:

     --makeconf  Generates the ddup.conf file in the location that you specified
                 during installation.  ddup.conf is no longer designed to be
                 edited manually as it now stores authentication details in
                 base64 encoded form.

     --host host.domain.ext
                 Hostname to update.  Where host.domain.ext is your domain.
                 e.g. gandy.dyndns.org gandy.ath.cx

     --ip address
                 Forces manual IP specification.  Where address is your IP

     --wildcard  Enables wildcard hostnames.  e.g. www.gandy.dyndns.org,

     --mx mxhost
                 Sets the MX record for host.domain.ext to mxhost

     --backmx    Needs -mx and sets your mxhost to be a backup MX record.

     --proxyserv server
                 Use server as an HTTP proxy.

     --proxyport port
                 Connect to the HTTP proxy at port

     --static    Informs ddup to update the host as a static host.  If you do
                 not know what static hosts are, ignore this section.

     --help      List command line options.

     --version   Show version number.

     --debug     Prints debug output of what is sent to the DynDNS server.

     MX stands for Mail Exchanger.  To use this feature you must find a host
     such as your Internet Service Provider that will setup their e-mail server
     to recieve mail for your domain.  If you haven't made arrangements with
     someone this field will not work PLEASE don't use it if you don't have a MX
     record setup on a different host.

     DDUP's configuration file has 3 options.  These now need to be configured
     using the makeconf option.

     allowed_user=            Login name of user allowed to run ddup.  There may
                              be multiple allowed_user options in the
                              configuration file, one to a line.
     auth=                    BASE64 Encoded Authentication String for the
                              server - contains your username and password and
                              is generated with the makeconf option.

     /etc/ddup.conf           Configuration file for ddup

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