debconf−mergetemplate − merge together multiple debconf
template files

 debconf−mergetemplate [options] [templates.ll ...] templates

Note: This utility is deprecated. You should switch to using
po‐debconf’s po2debconf program.

     This program is useful if you have multiple debconf
templates files which you want to merge together into one
big file. All the specified files will be read in, merged,
and output to standard output.

     This can be especially useful if you are dealing with
translated template files. In this case, you might have your
main template file, plus several other files provided by the
translators. These files will have translated fields in
them, and maybe the translators left in the english versions
of the fields they translated, for their reference.

     So, you want to merge together all the translated
templates files with your main templates file. Any fields
that are unique to the translated files need to be added in
to the correct templates, but any fields they have in common
should be superseded by the fields in the main file (which
might be more up‐to‐date).

     This program handles that case properly, just list each
of the translated templates files, and then your main
templates file last.

    Merge in even outdated translations. The default is to
    drop them with a warning message.

    If a translation has an entire template that is not in
    the master file (and thus is probably an old template),
    drop that entire template.


Joey Hess <>