DEBIANDOC2FMT(1)            Debian GNU/Linux manual           DEBIANDOC2FMT(1)

       debiandoc2html, debiandoc2text, debiandoc2textov, debiandoc2ps,
       debiandoc2lout - Debian SGML formatting scripts

       debiandoc2html [-k] source
       debiandoc2text [-k] [-O] [--] source
       debiandoc2textov [-k] [-O] [--] source
       debiandoc2ps [-k] [-O] [-1] [-ppapersize] [--] source
       debiandoc2lout [-k] [-O] [--] source

       These programs convert source, which should be an SGML document
       conforming to the debiandoc DTD, to various output formats.

       Each format converter debiandoc2foo places its output in
       where basename is source with any leading directory components and any
       trailing .sgml removed.

       debiandoc2text produces a single plain ASCII text file, formatted to a
       width of 79 columns.

       debiandoc2textov produces an ASCII text file with overstrikes for
       highlighting (using backspaces and repeated characters or underscores).
       This is the same ASCII text output style as is generated by troff.

       debiandoc2html produces a subdirectory basename.html containing an HTML
       representation of the input.  The `top level' page is named

       debiandoc2ps produces a 2-up PostScript file formatted for A4 landscape

       debiandoc2lout produces an input file for Jeffrey Kingston's Basser
       Lout typesetting system.  This can be used to produce PostScript

       If source is - then input is taken from standard input.  This option is
       not available with debiandoc2html because the HTML output needs to be
       left in a directory, and the directory name is based on the source

       -O     Produces output to standard output instead of to the file
      This is implied when input is taken from standard
              input.  This option is not available with debiandoc2html.

       -1     This causes debiandoc2ps not to convert the output to `2-up'
              style, where two pages of text are printed on each physical

              This causes debiandoc2ps to produce output suitable for printing
              on paper whose size name is papersize.  See paper(1) for

       -k     Causes the intermediate files to be left in the directory
              containing the destination file.  These include files in
              nsgmls's output format, basename.sasp and basename.text-sasp,
              basename.html-sasp or basename.lout-sasp basename.text-sasp, and
              for debiandoc2ps also the Lout typesetter input basename.lout,
              the 1-up postscript basename.ps1 and basename.ps1x, as well as
              Lout's cross-reference database files .B and

       --     Separates options from the source, in case it begins with a

       There should be a program to convert the overstrikes generated by
       debiandoc2textov from using backspaces to using carriage returns.

       The paper size support in debiandoc2ps should is not complete.

       Debiandoc-SGML markup manual,
       User's Guide to the Lout Document Formatting System,
       SP SGMLS parser manual,
       basename(1), lout(1).

       The converters and this manpage were written by Ian Jackson.  They are
       Copyright (C)1995-1996 by him and released under the GNU General Public
       Licence; there is NO WARRANTY.  See /usr/doc/copyright/dpkg and
       /usr/doc/copyright/GPL, or the file COPYING in the source package, for

Debian Project                 11th August 1990               DEBIANDOC2FMT(1)