DICMD(8)                    System Manager's Manual                   DICMD(8)

       dicmd - Diablo program to manage a running diablo server

       dicmd [ version/flush/exit/pause/go ]

       DiCmd issues a command to the parent diablo server.  the following
       commands are available:

       flush - commits any buffered outbound data to their associated outbound
       queue file.  Normally you rename the queue file(s), then run a flush to
       'close' diablo's reference to the file and force it to create a new
       file.  Unlike INN, you can flush the queue files without renaming them
       first.  The queue files are not truncated, as diablo always opens them
       for append.  This is useful for precautionary purposes.

       exit - asks diablo to kill its children, flush its queue file(s), and
       exit.  The command will not return until diablo has completed all
       operations and then exited.

       pause - asks diablo to kill its children and increment a pause counter.
       You must match each pause with a go later on.  This also has the effect
       of closing all diablo server references to the history file for the
       duration of the pause, allowing programs such as the weekly history
       cleaning run to freely operate on the history file.  Diablo refuses
       connections with a 502 error when paused.

       go - asks diablo to decrement its pause counter.  When the counter
       reaches zero, diablo will reenable incoming connections.  Diablo will
       not allow the counter to go negative.

       dumphist - asks the parent diablo process to call the configured
       dumphist program in a blocking manner.  New connections are not
       accepted and articles are not written to history for the duration of
       the program run.  This is intended to help those with memory
       filesystems for history make periodic history file snapshots without a
       lot of extra pausing and scripting.

       diablo(8), dicmd(8), didump(8), diload(8), dnewslink(8), doutq(8),
       dexpire(8), dexpireover(8), diconvhist(8), dilookup(8), dspoolout(8),
       dkp(8), dpath(8), diablo-kp(5), diablo-files(5)