DILOOKUP(8)                 System Manager's Manual                DILOOKUP(8)

       dilookup - Diablo program to run searches on the dhistory file

       dilookup [ message-id / h1.h2 ]

       DiLookup will look a message-id or hash-code pair up in the dhistory
       database.  The message-id must be surrounded by < >, while the hash-
       code pair consists of two hex numbers separated by a dot.  For example:

       dilookup '<sdf$sdlfk@asdlfjk.com>'

       dilookup D.00d9513e/00183712.005b433b.0000

       dilookup 00183712.005b433b.0000

       dilookup 00183712.005b433b

       As you can see, DiLookup also accepts a directory/filename form, just
       the filename form, or just the hash code pair.  It will silently
       discard everything but the hash code pair.  When given a message-id,
       DiLookup will convert the message-id to a hash code pair internally.
       DiLookup will also parse mesasge-id's directory out of queue files
       which can be useful in a tail -f situation.  The result is usually
       something like:

        [00183712.005b433b.0000 gm=14242112 ex=82] GM=(29-Jan-97 00:32:00)
       EX=(01-Feb-97 10:32:00)

       The hash code pair and iteration, the time in gmt-minutes when the
       article was received (NOT when it was posted!), the relative expiration
       in percent, and then the (computed) time-received and expiration.  An
       expiration field of 32767 or 65535 indicates that the article has
       already expired.  If bit 15 is set in the expiration field, the spool
       is storing a header-only article.  Otherwise the spool is storing a
       full article.

       The expiration percentage gives an indication as to where the article
       was initially stored in the spool as a percentage indexed into the
       spool from beginniing to end.  Since Diablo expires from the beginning
       of the spool, a low expiration percentage means that an article will
       expire more quickly and a high expiration percentage means that an
       article will expire more slowly.

       The EX= data is currently obsolete and should be ignored.

       diablo(8), dclean(8), dicmd(8), didump(8), diload(8), dnewslink(8),
       doutq(8), dexpire(8), dexpireover(8), diconvhist(8), dilookup(8),
       dspoolout(8), dkp(8), dpath(8), diablo-kp(5), diablo-files(5)