DOCONFIG(8)                 System Manager's Manual                DOCONFIG(8)

     doconfig — interactively configure and build kernel

     doconfig [-c file] [-e [editor]] [-air] [-gpn]

     Doconfig is used to build and install a new kernel for the system.  It
     interactively generates the kernel config files (using config(8)).
     compiles the kernel and optionaly installs and reboots the system when

     Available options:

     -c file      Use file as the configuration file. If the full path is
                  given in file, doconfig will copy it to /sys/i386/conf.
                  Otherwise, it will assume the file exists in /sys/i386/conf.
                  If this option is used, doconfig will not run an editor on
                  the config file, unless the -e option is also specified.

     -e [editor]  Edit the config file (this is the defualt action, unless -c
                  was specified).  If editor is specified use it as the editor
                  instead (full path may be required).  If editor is not
                  specified doconfig will use the EDITOR environment variable,
                  or /usr/bin/vi.

     -a           Ignored by doconfig and passed to autokernconf if the kernel
                  configuration file is automatically generated.  If
                  specified, it will direct autokernconf to just automatically
                  select defaults, rather than interactively deciding all
                  settings for the configuration file.

     -i           Install the kernel into the root directory after a
                  successful compile.  If /kernel exists, move it to

     -r           Reboot after successfully building and installing.  This
                  option also installs the kernel (as -i normally would)--user
                  will be prompted before the reboot occurs.

     -g -p -n     Ignored by doconfig and passed to config.

     Doconfig can be run from any location on the filesystem, as it will
     internally manage file locations and working directories.  Doconfig will
     prompt the user for the kernel build name which is sent to config, with
     it defaulting to the current hostname.

     If the kernel configuration file is not specified with -c then the
     program autokernconf is executed to create it.

     /sys/i386/conf/kernelbuild.log  Logfile of kernel compile.
     /sys/i386/conf/FILE             Config file generated for config.
     /kernel                         System Kernel.
     /kernel.DATE                    Backup of old system Kernel.

     config(8), autokernconf(8)

     Created for FreeBSD 2.2, based off the Digital Unix doconfig.

FreeBSD                         April 16, 1997                         FreeBSD