draw_sprite_ex(3alleg4)          Allegro manual          draw_sprite_ex(3alleg4)

       draw_sprite_ex - Draws a optionally flipped/blended/tinted sprite on the
       bitmap. Allegro game programming library.

       #include <allegro.h>

       void draw_sprite_ex(BITMAP *bmp, BITMAP *sprite, int x, int y, int mode,
       int flip);

       Draws the sprite image onto the destination bitmap using the specified
       mode argument, optionally flipping the sprite in the orientation
       specified by flip argument.  The mode argument defines how is sprite
       going to be drawn on the destination bitmap:

          DRAW_SPRITE_NORMAL     - draws a masked sprite, like draw_sprite()
          DRAW_SPRITE_LIT        - draws a tinted sprite, like draw_lit_sprite()
          DRAW_SPRITE_TRANS      - draws a blended sprite, like draw_trans_sprite()

       The flip argument defines the flipping orientation:

          DRAW_SPRITE_NO_FLIP = 0    - do not perform flipping
          DRAW_SPRITE_H_FLIP         - flip horizontally
          DRAW_SPRITE_V_FLIP         - flip vertically
          DRAW_SPRITE_VH_FLIP        - flip both vertically and horizontally

       draw_sprite(3alleg4), draw_sprite_v_flip(3alleg4),
       draw_sprite_h_flip(3alleg4), draw_trans_sprite(3alleg4),
       draw_lit_sprite(3alleg4), extrans2(3alleg4)

Allegro                           version 4.4.3          draw_sprite_ex(3alleg4)