DS-REPLCHECK(1)             General Commands Manual            DS-REPLCHECK(1)

       ds-replcheck - Performs replication synchronization report between two

       ds-replcheck [-h] [-o FILE] [-D BINDDN] [[-w BINDPW] [-W]] [-m MURL]
                    [-r RURL] [-b SUFFIX] [-l LAG] [-Z CERTDIR]
                    [-i IGNORE] [-p PAGESIZE] [-M MLDIF] [-R RLDIF]

       ds-replcheck has two operating modes: offline - which compares two LDIF
       files (generated by db2ldif -r), and online mode - which queries each
       server to gather the entries for comparisions.  The tool reports on
       missing entries, entry inconsistencies, tombstones, conflict entries,
       database RUVs, and entry counts.

       A summary of options is included below:

              Display usage

       -D Root DN
              The Directory Manager DN, or root DN.a (online mode)

       -w PASSWORD
              The Directory Manager password (online mode)

              Prompt for the Directory Manager password (online mode)

       -m LDAP_URL
              The LDAP Url for the first replica (online mode)

       -r LDAP URL
              The LDAP Url for the the second replica (online mode)

       -b SUFFIX
              The replication suffix.  (online & offline)

       -l Lag time
              If an inconsistency is detected, and it is within this lag
              allowance it will *NOT* be reported.  (online mode)

       -Z CERT DIR
              The directory containing a certificate database for StartTLS/SSL
              connections.  (online mode)

       -i IGNORE LIST
              Comma separated list of attributes to ignore in the report
              (online & offline)

              Display verbose conflict entry information

       -M LDIF FILE
              The LDIF file for the first replica  (offline mode)

       -R LDIF FILE
              The LDIF file for the second replica  (offline mode)

       -p PAGE SIZE
              The page size used for the paged result searches that the tool
              performs.  The default is 500.  (online mode)

       -o OUTPUT FILE
              The file to write the report to.  (online and offline)

       ds-replcheck -D "cn=directory manager" -w PASSWORD -m
       ldap://myhost.domain.com:389 -r ldap://otherhost.domain.com:389 -b
       "dc=example,dc=com" -Z /etc/dirsrv/slapd-myinstance

       ds-replcheck -b dc=example,dc=com -M /tmp/replicaA.ldif -R

       ds-replcheck was written by the 389 Project.

       Report bugs to https://pagure.io/389-ds-base/new_issue

       Copyright © 2018 Red Hat, Inc.

                                 Feb 14, 2018                  DS-REPLCHECK(1)