enfle(1)                  Plugin-based Graphic loader                 enfle(1)

       enfle - Plugin-based Graphic loader

       enfle [options] files ...

       Enfle aims to view many variously formated pictures easily. So far, it
       can treat GIF, JPEG, PNG, MAG, BMP(partial), XPM(partial), PNM, DjVu,
       and several special (minor) formats. It has been implemented plugin
       mechanism so that each user can choose each format support linked in
       main program or separated as plugin. Moreover, you can make you own
       plugins to extend supported formats.

       However, GIF plugin is not included by default because of patent
       probrem. DjVu plugin is not included by default because standard
       libdjvu++ distribution doesn't create shared library (I've patched for
       myself) and I don't understand its license enough.

       Enfle needs the following library.

        JPEG: jpegsrc-6b (libjpeg)
        PNG: libpng-1.0.2 or later (recommend: 1.0.5)
        gz: zlib-1.1.3
        bz2: bzip2-0.9.5d
        libarc: libarc-1.4.9 (http://www.goice.co.jp/member/mo/release/)

       Enfle is very simple software. Specify all picture files, that's all.
       If you specify directory, Enfle will append recursively.  Try -h option
       to show explanation of options.

       -q     always quantize in rendering 256-over-color image

       -m     specify magnify method

       -c     show comment if exists

       -S     disable filename sort

       -C     auto conversion, can specify destination format(default PNG)

       -i     specify start index of archive

       -X     specify exclude.

       -w     set first specified image as wallpaper

       -x     X threshold, if width is less than, that picture is not shown
              (default 0)

       -y     Y threshold (default 0)

       -s     clear threshold (show all pictures)

       -t     enable transparent. If you have enabled shape extension, enable
              it too.  specify -t twice, enable transparent but disable shape

       -M     disenable MIT Shared Memory extension.

       -p     scan specified directory to find plugins

       -P     show long format plugin information

       -PP    show longer format plugin information

       -PD    disable default search path

       -W     show more verbose messages

       -v     show version

       -h     show help message

       left click,n,space

              next directory

       right click,b

       <      top

       middle click,q

       drag   scroll

       window resize
              magnify(fit to window)

       f      full screen

       d      delete actual file

       w      wall paper

       S      smoothing in time of magnifying

       s      save as png

       p      save as pms

       j      save as jpeg

       v      flip vertical

       h      flip holizontal

       m      x2 magnify toggle

       M      fit magnify toggle

       C-m    resize in time of running over the display

       r      restore image

       t      create thumbnail like image

       And Enfle will quit after all pictures shown.

       If you have GIF support, you can:

       [      animation speed down

       ]      animation speed up

       back slash
              restore animation speed

       See also "/usr/share/doc/enfle/README.e".

       Please send comments, patches, to:

       Hiroshi Takekawa

       <takekawa@sr3.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp> <sian@big.or.jp> <sian@fennel.org>

20000529                        June 1th, 2000                        enfle(1)