ps2ps, eps2eps − Ghostscript PostScript "distiller"

ps2ps [ options ] input.ps output.ps
eps2eps [ options ] input.eps output.eps

ps2ps uses gs(1) to convert PostScript(tm) file "input.ps"
to simpler and (usually) faster PostScript in "output.ps".
Normally the output is allowed to use PostScript Level 2
constructs, but the −dLanguageLevel=1 option restricts the
output to Level 1.

     eps2eps performs the equivalent optimization for
Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files.

Run "gs ‐h" to find the location of Ghostscript
documentation on your system, from which you can get more

This document was last revised for Ghostscript version 7.07.

L. Peter Deutsch <ghost@aladdin.com>