esddsp − attempt to reroute audio device to esd

esddsp can allow non‐esd applications to be routed through

esddsp [options] player arguments


      ‐h, ‐‐help                show brief help
 ‐s, ‐‐server=HOST:PORT    contact esd server on host at port
 ‐m, ‐‐mixer               enable mixer support
 ‐n, ‐‐name=NAME           use name to identify player to esd
 ‐v, ‐‐verbose             show parameters
 ‐‐mmap                    use memory mapping emulation
                             (useful for games like quake)

esd(1), esdcat(1), esdloop(1), esdplay(1), esdsample(1),
esd‐config(1), esdctl(1), esdfilt(1), esdmon(1), esdrec(1)