FBGETTY(8)                Linux Administrator Manual                FBGETTY(8)

       fbgetty - Frame Buffer GETTY

       fbgetty [options] [variables] [tty device] [framebuffer device]

       fbgetty is a getty for use on virtual consoles with framebuffer support
       like mingetty(8), fbgetty is not suitable for serial lines.

       -t, --tty
              set tty device

       -f, --fb --framebuffer
              set framebuffer device

       -i, --issue
              set issue file

       -l, --login-program
              set login program

       -p --login-prompt
              set login prompt

       -o, --login-timeout
              set login timeout

              show version

       --help show help

       fbgetty recognizes the following escape sequences which might be
       embedded in the /etc/issue file:

              display OS name (will certainly be Linux)

              display OS version

              display OS release


       @arch  display host architecture



       @vt    display tty where fbgetty run

              display hostname

              display domain

       @FQDN  display Full Qualified Domain Name (e.g. hostname + domainname)

       @user  display number of users connected

       @users display number of users with format  %d user(s)

              display load average

       @date  display date

       @time  display time (24H)

              display uptime

              include some other issue file

       @image display an image

              Show distribution name (Redhat Debian Suse ...)

              Display distribution version

       $...   display shell variable

       \a     echo alert (bell)

       \b     echo backspace


       \E     echo escape char

       \f     echo formfeed

       \n     echo new line

       \r     echo carriage return

       \t     echo horizontal tab

       \v     echo vertical tab

       \ooo   echo character with octal code ooo

       \xhh   echo character with hexadecimal code hh

       %d     insert current day (localtime),

       %l     insert line on which fbgetty is running,

       %m     inserts machine architecture (uname -m),

       %n     inserts machine's network node hostname (uname -n),

       %o     inserts domain name,

       %r     inserts operating system release (uname -r),

       %t     insert current time (localtime),

       %s     inserts operating system name,

       %u     insert the number of users currently logged in,

       %U     insert "n user" or "n users" according to the value of n, where
              n is the number of user currently logged in,

       %v     inserts operating system version (uname -v).

       /etc/issue, /var/run/utmp, /etc/fbgetty, /etc/fbgetty.d/global,

       mingetty(8), mgetty(8), agetty(8), getty(8), fbgetty.info

       Copyright © 1999,2000,2001 Yann Droneaud <ydroneaud@meuh.eu.org>.

Linux                            28 April 1999                      FBGETTY(8)