FEERSUM(1p)           User Contributed Perl Documentation          FEERSUM(1p)

       feersum - feersum app loader

         feersum [plackup opts] [--pre-fork=N] [app.psgi]
         feersum --native [--listen host:port] [--pre-fork=N] [app.feersum]

       Loads the specified app file into a Feersum server.

       In both cases, if "--pre-fork=N" is specified, that many worker
       processes are used to serve requests. See Feersum::Runner for details.

       If in native mode (when running "feersum --native"), currently only a
       "--listen" parameter is accepted.  By default, the server will listen
       on localhost port 5000.

       When running in PSGI mode (non-native), Plack::Runner is used.  See
       that module for documentation and defaults.

perl v5.28.1                      2019-04-11                       FEERSUM(1p)