FITSVERIFY(1)                    User Commands                   FITSVERIFY(1)

       fitsverify - Test if the input file(s) conform to the FITS format

       fitsverify filename ...

       fitsverify @filelist.txt

       This task reads one or more input FITS files and verifies that the
       files conform to the specifications of the FITS Standard document
       (known as the NASA/Science Office of Standards and Technology
       'Definition of the Current  FITS Standard', document number, NOST
       100-2.0, available online  at  The input
       filename template may contain wildcard characters, in which case all
       matching files will be tested.  Alternatively, the name of an ASCII
       text file containing a list of file names, one per line, may be entered
       preceded by an '@' character.

       -l     list all header keywords

       -q     quiet; print one-line pass/fail summary per file

       -e     only test for error conditions; don't issue warnings

       -h     Help

       · Mandatory keyword not present or out of order

       · Mandatory keyword has wrong datatype or illegal value

       · END header keyword is not present

       · Sum of table column widths is inconsistent with NAXIS1 value

       · BLANK keyword present in image with floating-point datatype

       · TNULLn keyword present for floating-point binary table column

       · Bit column has non-zero fill bits or is not left adjusted

       · ASCII TABLE column contains illegal value inconsistent with TFORMn

       · Address to a variable length array not within the data heap

       · Extraneous bytes in the FITS file following the last HDU

       · Mandatory keyword values not expressed in fixed format

       · Mandatory keyword duplicated elsewhere in the header

       · Header contains illegal ASCII character (not ASCII 32 - 126)

       · Keyword name contains illegal character

       · Keyword value field has illegal format

       · Value and comment fields not separated by a slash character

       · END keyword not filled with blanks in columns 9 - 80

       · Reserved keyword with wrong datatype or illegal value

       · EXTEND not present in the primary array if there are extensions

       · BLOCKED, if present, not among the first 36 keywords

       · XTENSION keyword in the primary array

       · Column related keyword (TFIELDS, TTYPEn,TFORMn, etc.) in an image

       · SIMPLE, EXTEND, or BLOCKED keyword in any extension

       · BSCALE, BZERO, BUNIT, BLANK, DATAMAX, DATAMIN keywords in a table

       · Image WCS keywords (CTYPEn, CRPIXn, CRVALn, etc.) in a table

       · Table WCS keywords (TCTYPn, TCRPXn, TCRVLn, etc.) in an image

       · TDIMn or THEAP keyword in an ASCII table

       · TBCOLn keyword in a Binary table

       · THEAP keyword in a binary table that has PCOUNT = 0

       · XTENSION, TFORMn, TDISPn or TDIMn value contains leading space(s)

       · Index of any WCS keyword (CRPIXn, CRVALn, etc.) greater than value of

       · Index of any table column descriptor keyword (TTYPEn, TFORMn, etc.)
         greater than value of TFIELDS

       · TSCALn or TZEROn present for an ASCII, logical, or Bit column

       · TDISPn value is inconsistent with the column datatype

       · Length of a variable length array greater than the maximum  length as
         given by the TFORMn keyword

       · Logical column contains illegal value not equal to 'T', 'F', or 0

       · Character string column contains non-ASCII text character

       · Header fill bytes not all blanks

       · Data fill bytes not all blanks in ASCII tables or all zeros in any
         other type of HDU

       · Gaps between defined ASCII table columns contain characters with
         ASCII value > 127

       · SIMPLE = F

       · Presence of deprecated keywords BLOCKED or EPOCH

       · 2 HDUs have identical EXTNAME, EXTVER, and EXTLEVEL values

       · BSCALE or TSCALn value = 0.

       · BLANK OR TNULLn value exceeds the legal range

       · TFORMn has 'rAw' format and r is not a multiple of w

       · DATE = 'dd/mm/yy' and yy is less than 10 (Y2K problem??)

       · Index of any WCS keyword (CRPIXn, CRVALn, etc.) greater than value of
         NAXIS, if the WCSAXES keyword is not present

       · Duplicated keyword (except COMMENT, HISTORY, blank, etc.)

       · Column name (TTYPEn) does not exist or contains characters other than
         letter, digit and underscore

       · Calculated checksum inconsistent with CHECKSUM or DATASUM keyword



fitsverify                         Oct 2010                      FITSVERIFY(1)