funced(1)                            fish                            funced(1)

       funced - edit a function interactively

       funced [OPTIONS] NAME

       funced provides an interface to edit the definition of the function

       If the $VISUAL environment variable is set, it will be used as the
       program to edit the function. If $VISUAL is unset but $EDITOR is set,
       that will be used. Otherwise, a built-in editor will be used. Note that
       to enter a literal newline using the built-in editor you should press
       [Alt-Enter]. Pressing [Enter] signals that you are done editing the
       function. This does not apply to an external editor like emacs or vim.

       If there is no function called NAME a new function will be created with
       the specified name

       · -e command or --editor command Open the function body inside the text
         editor given by the command (for example, -e vi). The special command
         fish will use the built-in editor (same as specifying -i).

       · -i or --interactive Force opening the function body in the built-in
         editor even if $VISUAL or $EDITOR is defined.

       · -s or --save Automatically save the function after successfully
         editing it.

Version 3.0.2                   Tue Mar 26 2019                      funced(1)