FUNIT-EXEC(8)                         Frysk                        FUNIT-EXEC(8)

       funit-exec - on CNTRL-C exec the specified program

       funit-exec [OPTION] {program} [arg...]

       Wait for a SIGINT (cntrl-c) signal and then exec program passing it args.

       Sending a SIGUSR1 signal will cause a random non-main thread to make the
       exec call.

       -m pid
           The pid of the master process that should be sent a signal once this
           program is running (default 0).

       -s signal
           The signal to send to the master process once this program is running
           (default 0).

       -t timeout
           Exit after timeout seconds.

       -c count
           Create count threads.

       -e executable
           The executable to exec (default is the program).

           Brand the exec with the thread that initiated it by setting argv[0]
           to the string TID:PID.

       program arg...
           The program and arguments to pass to the exec call.

       This program is used by funit, as part of frysk's JUnit testsuite.

       Create a 32-bit process that, on cntrl-c (SIGINT), will exec the 64-bit
       funit-exit program.

           /usr/lib/frysk/funit-exec \
               /usr/lib64/frysk/funit-exec /bin/echo done

       Create a process, with one additional thread, signals the shell with
       SIGUSR1 once it is running, and then execs /bin/echo but with argument
       zero set to "arg0".

           /usr/lib/frysk/funit-exec -c 1 -s 1 -p $$ \
               -e /bin/echo arg0 arg1

       frysk(7) funit(8)

       Report bugs to http:/

Frysk 0.4-31.fc16                  April 2008                      FUNIT-EXEC(8)