GALAXIS(6)                       Games Manual                       GALAXIS(6)

       galaxis - rescue lifeboats lost in interstellar space


       Lifeboats from a crippled interstellar liner are adrift in a starfield.
       To find them, you can place probes that look in all eight compass
       directions and tell you how many lifeboats they see.  If you drop a
       probe directly on a lifeboat it will be revealed immediately.  Your
       objective: find the lifeboats as quickly as possible, before the
       stranded passengers run out of oxygen!

       This is a UNIX-hosted, curses-based clone of the nifty little Macintosh
       freeware game Galaxis.  It doesn't have the super-simple, point-and-
       click interface of the original, but compensates by automating away
       some of the game's simpler deductions.

       To run it, simply type `galaxis'.  The game screen includes a
       description of all commands, including `?' for detailed help.

       The Macintosh game was designed and written by Christian Franz
       <>.  This version was cloned by Eric S. Raymond
       <>.  See ESR's home page at for updates and other resources.

       This really ought to be an X game, but that would have been too much
       like work.

                                  Oct 23 1994                       GALAXIS(6)