gen-index(8)            GNATS Administration Utilities            gen-index(8)

       gen-index - build an index to current GNATS database

              [ -n | --numeric ] [ -d dir | --directory=dir ]
              [ -o outfile | --outfile=outfile ]
              [ -c filename | --catfile=filename ]
              [ -h | --help ] [ -V | --version ]

       Builds an index for the current GNATS database.  Prints by default to
       the standard output.

       -n, --numeric
            Sorts index entries numerically rather than by their order in the
            `categories' file.

       -d dir, --directory=dir
            Uses dir rather than the default GNATS installation directory.

       -c filename, --catfile=filename
            Point to filename , the file listing the valid categories.

       -o outfile, --outfile=outfile
            Prints to outfile rather than to the standard output.

       -h, --help
            Prints usage for gen-index.

       -V, --version
            Prints the version number of gen-index.

       Keeping Track: Managing Messages With GNATS (also installed as the GNU
       Info file and Reporting Problems Using send-pr (also
       installed as the GNU Info file

       gnats(l), send-pr(1), edit-pr(1), query-pr(1), file-pr(8), queue-pr(8),
       mkdist(8), mkcat(8), rmcat(8).

       Copyright (c) 1993 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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       manual provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are
       preserved on all copies.

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GNATS 3.113.1                    October 1993                     gen-index(8)