gen−multiple−pysol−layouts. − generate multiple PySol / MS
initial solitaire deals.

gen‐multiple‐pysol‐layouts −−dir=[dir] −−prefix=[prefix]
−−suffix=[suf] [idxs...]

This program emits some starting PySol / Freecell Pro deals
in separate files inside the target directory.

     Some examples:

         gen−multiple−pysol−layouts −−dir foo/ −−prefix "" −−suffix .board −−ms 24 42 100

    gen−multiple−pysol−layouts −−dir foo/ −−prefix "" −−suffix .board −−ms seq 1 32000

    gen−multiple−pysol−layouts −−dir foo/ −−prefix "" −−suffix .board −−ms read /path/to/indexes−file.txt

     Generate Black Hole solitaire
PySol FC deals:

         gen−multiple−pysol−layouts −−game black_hole −−dir foo/ −−prefix "" −−suffix .board seq 100000 200000

To be discussed.

pi‐make‐microsoft‐freecell‐board (6), (6).


Shlomi Fish, <> .