gen_html ‐‐ generate html pages describing test coverage


  gen_html  merged.db


  This script generates html pages given the name of a merged.db
  file.  This file should have been created after running all
  your project’s tests with instrumented executables.  Here is a
  general overview of the process:

    replace your calls to g++ with calls to cov++

    make clean, then make, then run all your tests

    merge your coverage files like this:

      covmerge.exe ‘find * ‐name ’*.covexp’‘ >merged.db

    use gen_html to build html pages:

      gen_html merged.db

  Once gen_html has done its job, you will have a new directory
  named ’coverage_html’.  This directory will contain a variety
  of numbered .html files.  There will also be an ’index.html’
  file.  Point your browser at that and you will see a
  collection of html files describing the test coverage
  information and more importantly, you will see annotated copies
  of your source code.

  An annotated sourcefile will look like this:

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
   +  printf("hello world");
   +  exit(0);

  Where the lines beginning with ’‐’ have been instrumented but
  not executed.  Lines beginning with ’+’ were executed.  Lines
  with never were not executed.  Global variables are never
  shown as instrumented due to the limitations of the
  instrumentation technique.