GENBASELIST(1)               General Commands Manual              GENBASELIST(1)

       genbasedir - generates APT RPM repository control files

       genbaselist [OPTION...] TOPDIR [COMPONENT...]

       genbasedir analyzes the RPM packages in a directory tree and builds
       information files so that that directory tree can be used as an APT
       repository.  See the examples and references below for how to do that in

       -s, --sign
              Generate and sign hashfile

              Use ID as gnupg secret key

              Do hash stuff only

              Generate pkglists/srclists and quit

              Update just some of the already existent components

              Enable generation of old hashfile

              Generate only compressed lists

              Show progress bars for genpkglist/gensrclist

              Update information file

       --flat Use flat repository, where SRPMS and RPMS are in TOPDIR (SRPMS are
              usually in TOPDIR/..)

              Do not strip the package file list, needed for some distributions
              that use non-automatically generated file dependencies

              Create a meta repository named name

              Set bzip2 compress level (0-9)

              Use a custom md5sum cache directory for package list generation
              (useful for non-root users)

       --help, -h
              Display help

       [niemeyer@ibook /pub]% find /pub

       [niemeyer@ibook /pub]% genbasedir /pub/conectiva
       Creating base directory... done
       Components: general
       Processing pkglists... general [done]
       Processing srclists... [done]
       Creating component releases... general [done]
       Creating global release file... [done]
       Appending MD5Sum... general [done]

       [niemeyer@ibook /pub]% find /pub

       Here is a hint how the directory names, component names, URLs, and
       sources.list entries fit together:  Say the sources.list line is:

              rpm http://hostname/dir1 dir2/dir3 component

       This would require that the files
       http://hostname/dir1/dir2/dir3/base/release.component and
       http://hostname/dir1/dir2/dir3/base/pkglist.component.bz2 be accessible
       through the web server.

       genpkgdir(1), gensrclist(1),

       This manual page was written by Peter Eisentraut for the Debian project.

apt-rpm                             May 2006                      GENBASELIST(1)