GENBASELIST(1)              General Commands Manual             GENBASELIST(1)

       genbasedir - generates APT RPM repository control files

       genbaselist [OPTION...] TOPDIR [COMPONENT...]

       genbasedir analyzes the RPM packages in a directory tree and builds
       information files so that that directory tree can be used as an APT
       repository.  See the examples and references below for how to do that
       in detail.

       -s, --sign
              Generate and sign hashfile

              Use ID as gnupg secret key

              Do hash stuff only

              Generate pkglists/srclists and quit

              Update just some of the already existent components

              Enable generation of old hashfile

              Generate only compressed lists

              Show progress bars for genpkglist/gensrclist

              Update information file

       --flat Use flat repository, where SRPMS and RPMS are in TOPDIR (SRPMS
              are usually in TOPDIR/..)

              Do not strip the package file list, needed for some
              distributions that use non-automatically generated file

              Create a meta repository named name

              Set bzip2 compress level (0-9)

              Use a custom md5sum cache directory for package list generation
              (useful for non-root users)

       --help, -h
              Display help

       [niemeyer@ibook /pub]% find /pub

       [niemeyer@ibook /pub]% genbasedir /pub/conectiva
       Creating base directory... done
       Components: general
       Processing pkglists... general [done]
       Processing srclists... [done]
       Creating component releases... general [done]
       Creating global release file... [done]
       Appending MD5Sum... general [done]

       [niemeyer@ibook /pub]% find /pub

       Here is a hint how the directory names, component names, URLs, and
       sources.list entries fit together:  Say the sources.list line is:

              rpm http://hostname/dir1 dir2/dir3 component

       This would require that the files
       http://hostname/dir1/dir2/dir3/base/release.component and
       http://hostname/dir1/dir2/dir3/base/pkglist.component.bz2 be accessible
       through the web server.

       genpkgdir(1), gensrclist(1),

       This manual page was written by Peter Eisentraut for the Debian

apt-rpm                            May 2006                     GENBASELIST(1)