GETNAMEINFO(1)         User Contributed Perl Documentation        GETNAMEINFO(1)

       "getnameinfo" - command-line tool to "getnameinfo(3)" resolver

       getnameinfo [options...] address port

       This tool provides a convenient command-line wrapper around the
       getnameinfo(3) resolver function. It will perform a single reverse lookup
       to convert an address and port number into its host and service names.
       This is mainly useful when debugging names resolution problems, because
       it allows inspection of the getnameinfo(3) behaviour itself, outside of
       any real program that is trying to use it.

       --address, -A ADDR
               Numerical form of address to look up. If not supplied, will use
               the first positional argument.

       --port, -P PORT
               Port number to look up. If not supplied, will use the second
               positional argument.

       --dgram Sets the "NI_DGRAM" flag; looks up a "SOCK_DGRAM" (udp) port
               allocation rather than "SOCK_STREAM" (tcp).

       --help  Display a help summary and exit

       Paul Evans <>

perl v5.32.0                       2020-07-28                     GETNAMEINFO(1)