ggiEventPoll(3ggi)              LibGGI API Manual             ggiEventPoll(3ggi)

       ggiJoinInputs, ggiEventPoll, ggiEventsQueued, ggiEventRead, ggiEventSend,
       ggiSetEventMask, ggiGetEventMask, ggiAddEventMask, ggiRemoveEventMask -
       Event management for LibGGI visual

       #include <ggi/ggi.h>

       gii_input_t ggiJoinInputs(ggi_visual_t vis, gii_input_t inp);

       gii_event_mask ggiEventPoll(ggi_visual_t vis, gii_event_mask mask, struct
       timeval *t);

       int ggiEventsQueued(ggi_visual_t vis, gii_event_mask mask);

       int ggiEventRead(ggi_visual_t vis, gii_event *ev, gii_event_mask mask);

       int ggiEventSend(ggi_visual_t vis, gii_event *ev);

       int ggiSetEventMask(ggi_visual_t vis, gii_event_mask evm);

       gii_event_mask ggiGetEventMask(ggi_visual_t vis);

       int giiAddEventMask(ggi_visual_t vis, gii_event_mask mask);

       int giiRemoveEventMask(ggi_visual_t vis, gii_event_mask mask); .SH

       LibGGI provides input facilities through an auxiliary library, LibGII.
       Each LibGGI visual internally contains a gii_input_t input, and all
       LibGII functions are available to manipulate and process inputs.  The
       LibGGI version of LibGII functions simply take a ggi_visual_t rather than
       gii_input_t. Events are LibGII types. All other semantics are the same;
       see the LibGII API Manual for details.

       LibGGI visuals open the appropriate inputs already, including mouse and
       keyboard, or the inputs are 'intrinsic' to the visual, e.g. X mouse and
       keyboard events. Thus in the usual cases there is no need to open a
       LibGII gii_input_t directly (and that may in fact fail because an input
       device is already open). The LibGGI ggiEvent* functions should be used to
       do event handling in LibGGI.

       giiJoinInputs(3), giiEventPoll(3), giiEventsQueued(3), giiEventRead(3),
       giiEventSend(3<), giiSetEventMask(3), giiGetEventMask(3),
       giiAddEventMask(3), giiRemoveEventMask(3)

GGI                              12 August 1999               ggiEventPoll(3ggi)