ggiSetGamma(3ggi)              LibGGI API Manual             ggiSetGamma(3ggi)

       ggiSetGammaMap, ggiGetGammaMap, ggiSetGamma, ggiGetGamma - Manipulate
       the gamma maps and the gamma correction of a visual

       #include <ggi/ggi.h>

       int ggiSetGammaMap(ggi_visual_t vis, int s, int len, ggi_color

       int ggiGetGammaMap(ggi_visual_t vis, int s, int len, ggi_color

       int ggiSetGamma(ggi_visual_t vis, ggi_float r, ggi_float g, ggi_float

       int ggiGetGamma(ggi_visual_t vis, ggi_float *r, ggi_float *g, ggi_float
       *b); .SH "DESCRIPTION"

       Some truecolor modes on some hardware can use the DAC's palette to
       lookup the values before sending to the monitor. Generally this is used
       for gamma correction by filling the lookup table with a curve, hence
       the name "gamma map", but it could be used for other things e.g.
       special effects in games.

       ggiSetGammaMap and ggiGetGammaMap sets or gets the gamma map, for len
       colors starting at s.

       ggiSetGamma and ggiGetGamma sets or gets the gamma correction for the

       All four functions 0 for OK, otherwise an error code.

GGI                             12 August 1999               ggiSetGamma(3ggi)