ggiSetPalette(3ggi)            LibGGI API Manual           ggiSetPalette(3ggi)

       ggiSetPalette, ggiGetPalette - Manipulate the palette of a visual

       #include <ggi/ggi.h>

       int ggiGetPalette(ggi_visual_t vis, int s, int len, ggi_color *cmap);

       int ggiSetPalette(ggi_visual_t vis, int s, int len, ggi_color *cmap);

       LibGGI visuals in GT_PALETTE mode maps all pixelvalues to the
       corresponding ggi_color entry in the visual's palette (also known as a
       colormap or CLUT).

       ggiSetPalette sets a range of palette values, of length len, starting
       at index number s. The index can be GGI_PALETTE_DONTCARE to indicate to
       indicate that the palette can be installed anywhere in the CLUT.  This
       allows optimised use in windowing environments (to minimize color
       flashing between windows) and should be used if possible.

       ggiGetPalette copies the specified colors (starting from s, for len
       colors) from the visual's palette to the array pointed by cmap.

       ggiSetPalette returns the number of the first entry changed. Negative
       values indicate error (codes).

       ggiGetPalette returns 0 for OK, otherwise an error code. When called
       with len=0 this function will not automatically succeed, but the return
       code will indicate whether there is a readable CLUT.


GGI                             12 August 1999             ggiSetPalette(3ggi)