ggiMapColor(3ggi)              LibGGI API Manual             ggiMapColor(3ggi)

       ggiMapColor, ggiUnmapPixel, ggiPackColors, ggiUnpackPixels - Convert
       from ggi_color(s) to ggi_pixel(s) and vice versa

       #include <ggi/ggi.h>

       ggi_pixel ggiMapColor(ggi_visual_t vis, ggi_color *col);

       int ggiUnmapPixel(ggi_visual_t vis, ggi_pixel pixel, ggi_color *col);

       int ggiPackColors(ggi_visual_t vis, void *buf, ggi_color *cols, int

       int ggiUnpackPixels(ggi_visual_t vis, void *buf, ggi_color *cols, int
       len); .SH "DESCRIPTION"

       ggiMapColor gets the pixelvalue for the given color.

       ggiUnmapPixel gets the color associated with the given pixelvalue.

       ggiPackColors converts the colors in cols to pixelvalues in buf. The
       output from this function is suitable for input to the
       ggiPut{HLine,VLine,Box} functions.

       ggiUnpackPixels converts the pixelvalues in buf to individual elements
       of cols. This function maybe used to convert buffers output by the
       ggiGet{HLine,VLine,Box} functions from the pixelvalue representation to
       their actual colors.

       The buffers output from ggiPackColors and the input to ggiUnpackPixels
       are in the same format as the get/put buffers.  Their format is defined
       in ggi_pixelformat.

       ggiMapColor returns a ggi_pixel.

       ggiUnmapPixel, ggiPackColors, and ggiUnpackPixels returns 0 for OK,
       otherwise an error code.

GGI                             12 August 1999               ggiMapColor(3ggi)