git‐annex‐adjust − enter an adjusted branch

git annex adjust −−unlock|−−fix

Enters an adjusted form of the current branch. The annexed
files will be treated differently. For example with −−unlock
all annexed files will be unlocked.

     The adjusted branch will have a name like
"adjusted/master(unlocked)".  Since it’s a regular git
branch, you can use git checkout to switch back to the
original branch at any time.

     While in the adjusted branch, you can use git‐annex and
git commands as usual. Any commits that you make will
initially only be made to the adjusted branch.

     To propagate changes from the adjusted branch back to
the original branch, and to other repositories, as well as
to merge in changes from other repositories, use git annex

     This command can only be used in a v6 git‐annex


     Unlock all annexed files in the adjusted branch. This
     allows annexed files to be modified.

     Fix the symlinks to annexed files to point to the local
     git annex object directory. This can be useful if a
     repository is checked out in an unusual way that
     prevents the symlinks committed to git from pointing at
     the annex objects.






Joey Hess <>