git‐annex‐log − shows location log

git annex log [path ...]

Displays the location log for the specified file or files,
showing each repository they were added to ("+") and removed
from ("−").

−−since=date, −−after=date, −−until=date, −−before=date,

     These options are passed through to git log, and can be
     used to limit how far back to search for location log

     For example: −−since "1 month ago"

     Rather than the normal display of a date in the local
     time zone, displays seconds since the unix epoch.

     Generates output suitable for the gource visualization

file matching options
     The git‐annex−matching−options(1) can be used to
     specify files to act on.

−−all −A
     Shows location log changes to all files, with the most
     recent changes first.  In this mode, the names of files
     are not available and keys are displayed instead.



Joey Hess <>