git‐annex‐p2p − configure peer−2−peer links between

git annex p2p [options]

This command can be used to link git‐annex repositories over
peer−2−peer networks.

     Currently, the only P2P network supported by git‐annex
is Tor hidden services.


     Run this in two repositories to pair them together over
     the P2P network.

     This will print out a code phrase, like
     "3−mango−elephant", and will prompt for you to enter
     the code phrase from the other repository.

     Once code phrases have been exchanged, the two
     repositories will be paired. A git remote will be
     created for the other repository, with a name like

     This uses [Magic
     Wormhole](−wormhole) to
     verify the code phrases and securely communicate the
     P2P addresses of the repositories, so you will need it
     installed on both computers that are being paired.

     This feature was present in a broken form in git‐annex
     versions before version 6.20180705. Make sure that a
     new enough git‐annex is installed on both computers
     that are being paired.

     Generates addresses that can be used to access this
     git‐annex repository over the available P2P networks.
     The address or addresses is output to stdout.

     Note that anyone who knows these addresses can access
     your repository over the P2P networks.

     Sets up a git remote that is accessed over a P2P


     This will prompt for an address to be entered; you
     should paste in the address that was generated by
     −−gen−addresses in the remote repository.

     Defaults to making the git remote be named "peer1",
     "peer2", etc. This can be overridden with the −−name

     Specify a name to use when setting up a git remote with
     −−link or −−pair.





Joey Hess <>