git-annex-preferred-content(1General Commands Manugit-annex-preferred-content(1)

       git-annex-preferred-content -

       Each repository has a preferred content setting, which specifies content
       that the repository wants to have present. These settings can be
       configured using git annex vicfg or git annex wanted.  They are used by
       the --auto option, by git annex sync --content, and by the git-annex

       While preferred content expresses a preference, it can be overridden by
       simply using git annex drop. On the other hand, required content settings
       are enforced; git annex drop will refuse to drop a file if doing so would
       violate its required content settings. A repository's required content
       can be configured using git annex vicfg or git annex required.

       Preferred content expressions are similar, but not identical to the git-
       annex-matching-options(1), just without the dashes.  For example:

        exclude=archive/* and (include=*.mp3 or smallerthan=1mb)

       The main differences are that exclude= and include= always match relative
       to the top of the git repository, and that there is no equivalent to

       For more details about preferred content expressions, see See

       When a repository is in one of the standard predefined groups, like
       "backup" and "client", setting its preferred content to "standard" will
       use a built-in preferred content expression developed for that group.
       See <>

       If you have set a groupwanted expression for a group, it will be used
       when a repository in the group has its preferred content set to




       Joey Hess <>