git‐annex‐required − get or set required content expression

git annex required repository [expression]

When run with an expression, configures the content that is
required to be held in the archive.

     For example:

      git annex required . "include=*.mp3 or include=*.ogg"

     Without an expression, displays the current required
content setting of the repository.

     While git‐annex−wanted is just a preference, git‐
annex−required designates content that should really not be
removed. For example a file that is wanted can be removed
with git annex drop, but if that file is required, it would
need to be removed with git annex drop −−force.

     Also, git‐annex fsck will warn about required contents
that are not present.

The required command was added in git‐annex 5.20150420.




Joey Hess <>