git‐annex‐smudge − git filter driver for git‐annex

git annex smudge [−−clean] file

This command lets git‐annex be used as a git filter driver
which lets annexed files in the git repository to be
unlocked at all times, instead of being symlinks.

     When adding a file with git add, the annex.largefiles
config is consulted to decide if a given file should be
added to git as−is, or if its content are large enough to
need to use git‐annex.

     The git configuration to use this command as a filter
driver is as follows.  This is normally set up for you by
git‐annex init, so you should not need to configure it

      [filter "annex"]
         smudge = git‐annex smudge %f
         clean = git‐annex smudge −−clean %f

     To make git use that filter driver, it needs to be
configured in the .gitattributes file or in
.git/info/attributes. The latter is normally configured when
a repository is initialized, with the following contents:

      * filter=annex
 .* !filter


Joey Hess <>