git‐annex‐testremote − test transfers to/from a remote

git annex testremote remote

This tests a remote by sending objects to it, downloading
objects from it, etc.

     It’s safe to run in an existing repository (the
repository contents are not altered), although it may
perform expensive data transfers.

     It’s best to make a new remote for testing purposes.
While the test tries to clean up after itself, if the remote
being tested had a bug, the cleanup might fail, leaving test
data in the remote.

     Testing will use the remote’s configuration,
automatically varying the chunk sizes, and with simple
shared encryption disabled and enabled, and exporttree
disabled and enabled. If the remote is readonly, testing is
limited to checking various properties of downloading from


     Perform a smaller set of tests.

     Normally, random objects are generated for the test and
     are sent to the remote. When a readonly remote is being
     tested, that cannot be done, and so you need to specify
     some annexed files to use in the testing, using this
     option. Their content needs to be present in the
     readonly remote being tested, and in the local

     This option can be repeated.

     Tune the base size of generated objects. The default is




Joey Hess <>