glbiffrc(5)                      User Manuals                      glbiffrc(5)

       glbiffrc - configuration file for 'glbiff'

       This file contains a series of lines specifying various options and
       their values.  Blank lines are ignored.  Each non blank line starts
       with an option keyword followed by the corresponding desired value(s).
       Following is a list of all accepted options:

       mailbox <path/file> <y|n>
              Tells glbiff to look in this file for new mail.  You can have as
              many "mailbox" lines as you want.  The `y' or `n' specifies
              whether or not the messages in that mailbox affect the number of
              drawn envelopes.  If mail arrives into a mailbox which does not
              contribute to the message count, the number of envelopes will
              not change, but any action specified by "-newmail" will be run.

       check_interval <secs>
              Time interval between mail checks.

       refresh_period <milisecs>
              The refresh rate of the window.  This is really only a lower
              bound (i.e., this only guarantees that the animation will not be
              displayed any faster than this). If Mesa can't keep up with the
              drawing (quite possible if you have a relatively large glbiff
              window; "relatively large" of course depends on the horsepower
              of your computer), then the refresh rate will naturally be

       door_open_frames <count>
              How many frames (pictures in animation) does it take to open the
              mailbox door.

       flag_up_frames <count>
              How many frames does it take to raise the "new mail" flag.

       cam_swing_frames <count>
              How many frames does it take the camera to swing between the two
              vantage points.

       geo_coords <number><N|S> <number><E|W>
              Your geographic coordinates.

       sky_kf <time_index> <red> <green> <blue>
              Specifies a keyframe in the "colour animation" of the sky (the
              changing of the background/sky based on time of day).  You can
              have as many keyframes for as many time indeces as you want.
              You MUST have a keyframe for time index 0 and 1 (a hardcoded
              bug; will be fixed soon).  Essentially what the keyframe says is
              that at this particular time during the day the sky is of this
              colour (specifed by the three intensities: RGB).  The time index
              specifies the instant in the day. 0 represents sun rise, while 1
              represents sun set. Any value in between may be used to
              represent other instants (for example one could use time index
              of 0.5 to represent the time when the sun reaches the highest
              point in the sky).

              NOTE: the keyframes in the sample configuration file are quite
              hideous (my own work; so much for my artistic abilities :).
              Feel free to experiment with the keyframes.  If you find a
              better set of keyframes, by all means send me a copy and I'll
              put them in (so everyone else does not have to suffer the
              horrible colours...)

       mailprog <command>
              The name of the mail reading program that is to be executed when
              glbiff window is left clicked.

       newmail <command>
              The name of program or script to call upon arrival of new mail.

       Here's an example of a glbiffrc file (it happens to be the one I use at
       mailbox /var/spool/mail/mac y

       check_interval      20
       refresh_period      0

       door_open_frames    20
       flag_up_frames      10
       cam_swing_frames    20

       geo_coords     43.5N     79.5W

       sky_kf 0 40 40 40
       sky_kf 0.2 126 193 226
       sky_kf 0.5 130 225 255
       sky_kf 0.9 140 150 170
       sky_kf 0.97 193 121 37
       sky_kf 1 40 40 40

       mailprog            mutt
       newmail             rplay ~/lib/sounds/

              The default location for the user's configuration file.

       Maciej Kalisiak <>


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