gleScrew ‐ Draws screw‐type shapes.

void gleScrew (int ncp,
               gleDouble contour[][2],
               gleDouble cont_normal[][2],
               gleDouble up[3],             gleDouble
startz,             gleDouble endz,             gleDouble

ncp       number of contour points

contour   2D contour

          2D contour normals

up        up vector for contour

startx    start of segment

endz      end of segment

twist     number of rotations

Draws screw‐type shapes. Takes a contour, and extrudes it
along the z‐axis, from a start z value of startz to an end
z‐value of endz.  During the extrusion, it will spin the
contour along the contour origin by twist degrees.


Linas Vepstas (