gleSetNumSides, gleGetNumSides ‐ Query and Set the cylinder

void gleSetNumSides (int nslices); int gleGetNumSides

nslices   positive integer number of slices

Query and set the GLE cylinder and cone roundness. When GLE
draws a cylinder or a cone, it approximates the circular
cross‐section with a polygon (of 20 sides by default).
These subroutines can be used to change the default number
of sides in this cross‐section.  A smaller number of sides
can typically be drawn much faster, at the loss of some
visual accuracy.  Increasing the number of sides to more
than 20 will typically have no noticable visual effect.

Multiple threads using GLE share a single global number of
sides (although this should be easily fixable because GLE
does use a centralized graphics context).

glePolyCylinder, glePolyCone

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