glutReshapeWindow(3GLUT)             GLUT             glutReshapeWindow(3GLUT)

       glutReshapeWindow - requests a change to the size of the current

       void glutReshapeWindow(int width, int height);

       width     New width of window in pixels.

       height    New height of window in pixels.

       glutReshapeWindow requests a change in the size of the current window.
       The width and height parameters are size extents in pixels.  The width
       and height must be positive values.

       The requests by glutReshapeWindow are not processed immediately.  The
       request is executed after returning to the main event loop. This allows
       multiple glutReshapeWindow, glutPositionWindow, and glutFullScreen
       requests to the same window to be coalesced.

       In the case of top-level windows, a glutReshapeWindow call is
       considered only a request for sizing the window. The window system is
       free to apply its own policies to top-level window sizing. The intent
       is that top-level windows should be reshaped according
       glutReshapeWindow's parameters. Whether a reshape actually takes effect
       and, if so, the reshaped dimensions are reported to the program by a
       reshape callback.

       glutReshapeWindow disables the full screen status of a window if
       previously enabled.

       glutPositionWindow, glutReshapeFunc

       Mark J. Kilgard (

GLUT                                  3.2             glutReshapeWindow(3GLUT)