time(3f)                                                                time(3f)

       time, ctime, ltime, gmtime - returns system time

       integer time, c
       external time
       c = time( )

       character*len ctime, str
       integer stime
       external ctime
       str = ctime ( stime )

       integer stime, t(9)
       external ltime
       call ltime ( stime, t )

       integer stime, t(9)
       external gmtime
       call gmtime ( stime, t )

       The time function returns the time since 00:00:00 Greenwich Mean Time
       (GMT), Jan 1, 1970, measured in seconds.  This is the value of the system

       The ctime function converts a system time to a 24-character ASCII string.
       The format is described in ctime(3).  No `newline' or NULL is included.
       The integer time value to convert is stime, such as the value returned by
       the time function.

       The ltime and gmtime functions dissect system time into month, day, and
       so on, either for the local time zone or as GMT.  The order and meaning
       of each element returned in t is;

              t(1)   seconds, 0-59

              t(2)   minutes, 0-59

              t(3)   hours past midnight, 0-23

              t(4)   day of the month, 1-31

              t(5)   month of the year, 0-11

              t(6)   number of years since 1900

              t(7)   days since Sunday, 0-6

              t(8)   day of the year, 0-366

              t(9)   daylight savings time flag. It is positive if daylight
                     savings time is on, zero if not, and negative if the
                     infomation is not available.


See Also
       ctime(3), fdate(3f), idate(3f), itime(3f)