GNATMAKE(1)                      Debian Linux                      GNATMAKE(1)

       gnatmake - builder for GNAT

       gnatmake [-a] [-c] [-f] [-jnum] [-k] [-M] [-o exec_name] [-n] [-q] [-v]
       [compiler_switch] { [-Adir] [-aOdir] [-aIdir] [-Idir] [-I-] [-LdirR] }
       name { [-cargs options] [-bargs options] [-largs options] }

       The purpose of gnatmake is to automatically determine and (re)compile
       the set of Ada sources needed by some ada compilation unit, Unit.  An
       ada source needed by Unit is recompiled if its corresponding object
       file is obsolete with respect to the current sources. The bind and link
       steps are also performed if objects were found to be out-of-date.  In
       previous versions of gnatmake the bind and link steps were always
       performed. This was, at times, inconvenient. The latest gnatmake will
       perform the bind and link step only if some object file is more recent
       than the executable (this also correctly works if you use the -o option
       of gnatmake.)

       For specific information on gnat, the GNU NYU Ada Translator, see
       /usr/doc/gnat/gnatdoc1.tex /usr/doc/gnat/gnatinfo.txt and the other
       files in that directory.

       gcc(1), gnatbind(1), gnatf(1), gnatlink(1), gnatk8(1), gnatmake(1),
       gnatchp(1), gnatchop(1), gnatbl(1),

       Mark Eichin <>

Debian Project                     Jan 1997                        GNATMAKE(1)