gnutls_privkey_import_ext4(3)        gnutls        gnutls_privkey_import_ext4(3)

       gnutls_privkey_import_ext4 - API function

       #include <gnutls/abstract.h>

       int gnutls_privkey_import_ext4(gnutls_privkey_t pkey, void * userdata,
       gnutls_privkey_sign_data_func sign_data_fn, gnutls_privkey_sign_hash_func
       sign_hash_fn, gnutls_privkey_decrypt_func decrypt_fn,
       gnutls_privkey_deinit_func deinit_fn, gnutls_privkey_info_func info_fn,
       unsigned int flags);

       gnutls_privkey_t pkey
                   The private key

       void * userdata
                   private data to be provided to the callbacks

       gnutls_privkey_sign_data_func sign_data_fn
                   callback for signature operations (may be NULL)

       gnutls_privkey_sign_hash_func sign_hash_fn
                   callback for signature operations (may be NULL)

       gnutls_privkey_decrypt_func decrypt_fn
                   callback for decryption operations (may be NULL)

       gnutls_privkey_deinit_func deinit_fn
                   a deinitialization function

       gnutls_privkey_info_func info_fn
                   returns info about the public key algorithm (should not be

       unsigned int flags
                   Flags for the import

       This function will associate the given callbacks with the
       gnutls_privkey_t type. At least one of the callbacks must be non-null. If
       a deinitialization function is provided then flags is assumed to contain

       Note that in contrast with the signing function of
       gnutls_privkey_import_ext3(), the signing functions provided to this
       function take explicitly the signature algorithm as parameter and
       different functions are provided to sign the data and hashes.

       The  sign_hash_fn is to be called to sign pre-hashed data. The input to
       the callback is the output of the hash (such as SHA256) corresponding to
       the signature algorithm. For RSA PKCS1 signatures, the signature
       algorithm can be set to GNUTLS_SIGN_RSA_RAW, and in that case the data
       should be handled as if they were an RSA PKCS1 DigestInfo structure.

       The  sign_data_fn is to be called to sign data. The input data will be he
       data to be signed (and hashed), with the provided signature algorithm.
       This function is to be used for signature algorithms like Ed25519 which
       cannot take pre-hashed data as input.

       When both  sign_data_fn and  sign_hash_fn functions are provided they
       must be able to operate on all the supported signature algorithms, unless
       prohibited by the type of the algorithm (e.g., as with Ed25519).

       The  info_fn must provide information on the signature algorithms
       supported by this private key, and should support the flags
       GNUTLS_PRIVKEY_INFO_PK_ALGO_BITS.  It must return -1 on unknown flags.

       On success, GNUTLS_E_SUCCESS (0) is returned, otherwise a negative error


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       permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright notice and
       this notice are preserved.

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